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PMU Pasir Gudang GIS Pneumatic Leakage identified at the Substation and a full mechanism overhaul and compressor replacement was our recommendation: Pneumatik kebocoran yang dikenal pasti di pencawang dan rombakan mekanisme penuh dan penggantian pemampat adalah cadangan kami

GIS Pneumatic Leakage works: On-going

Investigation visit to the PMU Pasir Gudang GIS (PGGS) was held on 11th March 2019. The Project and Technical team had planned their visit above and thoroughly examined the Substation. The shocking finding during the examination was that the 25-years old operating substation was having a severe air leakage at mechanism magnetic valve. This had caused the compressor to overrun and build pressure eventually becoming faulty. The visit by UP turned out to be great timing and without wasting time our experts submitted a report to TNB with a recommendation to do a full mechanism overhaul and compressor replacement. The job was confirmed and our experts were right on it making sure that the leakage situation was managed well during the Project. TNB being one of our valued Partners made it another important factor, that drove both our Project and Technical teams to work together and make sure the situation was rectified as quick as possible.

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  • July 24, 2020
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