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KPI Folio Handover Session YR2020

Event: KPI Folio Handover Session YR2020

Date: 19 Dec 2019 (Thursday)

Place: The Loop (Unit 12-9, Tower A, Menara UOA, Bangsar)

Let’s start this report with the Oxford Dictionary definition of the term Key Point
Indicator (KPI): “A quantifiable measure used to evaluate the success of an organization, employee, etc. in meeting objectives for performance.”

Each and every company should have their own method of evaluating their overall performance and success rate of achieving their set business targets. At Universal Peak Sdn. Bhd. we pay special attention in ensuring that each staff will have their very own KPI Folio’s, which will be presented to them during a handover session annually. The KPI Folio is intended to provide them clear understanding and direction of the goals that they are assigned to achieve based on their respective divisions.

Our HR Department designed the new KPI Folio’s YR2020 to define the following factors: –

1) Division Structure FY2020
2) Role & Responsibilities FY2020
3) Division KPIs FY2020
4) Individual KPIs FY2020

The information of this folio plays an important part to determine and explain how our company will progress to meet its operation and business goals in the coming year 2020. The above finalized Division’s and Individual KPIs is the metric which will used for the Performance Appraisals in 2020.

For the year 2020 our company held the KPI Folio Handover Session at The Loop located at Menara UOA, Bangsar. The fact that the venue providers were in the same building as our company’s location was a great convenience. The staff gathered together and upon the MD’s arrival he had given the entire company a speech detailing the companies future aspirations.

The MD then took the opportunity to announce the promotions in the company for the top performing staff. The presentation included the Organization Structural changes and complete descriptions on the business future as well as everyone’s roles and responsibilities. The session ended with a photo session of each staff receiving their KPI Folio’s from their respective division leads.

The company looks forward to triumphant successes overcoming all the possible challenges faced this year. To us challenges are merely untapped opportunities and future success that need only some minor adjustments. Together we shall rise and strive to achieve our KPI’s.

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